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10 Reasons Enterprise Architecture Is The Best Investment Any Company Can Make

        posted by , February 11, 2011

If you have over 300 employees enterprise architecture is the best investment you can make.

1. Align IT with business

IT has a mind of its own. User acceptance rates will improve.

2. Breakdown silos

People like to do their own thing ― especially when it comes to technology. Someone needs to develop a blueprint for everyone to follow.

3. Have a plan

Companies have a tendency to be short sighted when it comes to IT investment ― enterprise architects have the discipline to plan years out.

4. Help senior management understand IT

Whether you are an airline, a bank or a food distributor ― technology is your business.

5. Control costs

An enterprise architect can act as a point person to detect projects that are likely to fail and put an end to them fast. They can also drill managers to reuse existing company IT assets.

6. Have someone on the cutting edge

Enterprise architects should be well aware of IT trends. They can lead the introduction of new technologies into the organization.

7. Standards

Your enterprise architects are your evangelists for standards and best practices.

8. Recognize and propagate enterprise innovation

If you are lucky and one of your IT staff comes up with something wonderful. A new technology, process or standard that is ground breaking. Is it going to be recognized? Who is going to champion the propagation of this wonderful idea?

Enterprise architects can work with build teams across your organization. When they discover brilliance they can work it into the enterprise blueprint.

9. Audits

Enterprise architects can help you gain the control over your IT assets you need to pass audit inspections.

10. Technical gurus of last resort

Are your consultants telling you something you don't quite believe? Need someone to give a tough technical interview?

You don't need an army

Enterprise architects are high level planners ― you don't need an army of them. Having a few good ones around will be the best investment you ever make.

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