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14 Enterprise Architecture Value Propositions

        posted by , May 13, 2011

Every Enterprise Architect needs to have a good answer when someone asks the value of EA.

Have a few elevator pitches ready that expound the value of EA. Recite them on a regular basis to anyone willing to listen.

A few examples to inspire:

1. EA supports revenue generation and cost reduction by enabling faster, smarter projects.

2. EA reduces technology costs and accelerates time to market by facilitating common approaches.

3. EA provides IT transparency for business stakeholders.

4. EA facilitates pragmatic, cost effective approaches to IT projects.

5. EA is the bridge between business strategy and IT execution.

6. EA shifts IT spending from temporary stop-gap projects to strategic initiatives.

7. EA flags redundant, non-strategic and high risk projects before they get funding.

8. EA ensures IT spending is aligned with business strategy and goals.

9. EA breaks down IT silos — finding common solutions that reduce time to market and risk.

10. EA pushes IT silos to think globally and act locally.

11. EA provides the enterprise-wide IT transparency required for IT groups to design solutions that make sense for the organization as a whole.

12. EA develops competitive advantage by ensuring that IT spending is focused on strategic core competencies.

13. EA develops opportunities for cross-silo technology initiatives that resolve business pain points.

14. EA develops opportunities — driving leaps forward that dramatically improve IT responsiveness to business needs.

Custom Pitches

Your value pitches should be customized for your business. Also make sure they are shaped to match:

- the maturity of your EA program
- the maturity of your organization
- your sponsors and key stakeholders
- the reputation and recent achievements of the EA group

Pitches can be a bit of a stretch but must be believable.

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