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20 Easy to Use Cloud Metrics

        posted by , November 28, 2012

Let's face it — infrastructure services (computing, network and data storage) have become commoditized. Most organizations prefer to focus on business and applications.

Is infrastructure management is your core competency? Do you have unusual requirements? If your answer is no to both of these questions — cloud outsourcing is likely the way to go.

After all, who wants to deal with ITIL support processes, a plethora of technology skills, data center real estate, power management etc ...

Cloud infrastructure can greatly simplify IT management — but is it important to measure your cloud and manage your providers. Otherwise, you are just closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

A few examples to inspire:

1. Cloud Cost as Percentage of Revenue

How much does your cloud cost relative to your revenue?

2. Cloud Cost by Application/Business Unit

Who is spending what?

3. Cloud Cost per Transaction

What is your cloud infrastructure spend relative to the number of transactions processed?

4. Uptime

How often does your cloud go down or cause application downtime?

5. Average Network Latency

Statistics regarding network latency from various geographical locations.

6. Packet Loss

Networking errors due to router congestion etc...

7. Average Static Content Load Time

What is the average time to load an image or video? Most cloud providers have technologies that speed static content delivery.

8. File CRUD Times

Average time to create, read, update or delete a file of fixed size.

9. Database CRUD Times

Average time to execute predefined commands to create, read (query), update or delete from your cloud database.

10. Average & Peak CPU Utilization

Are you using too many instances?

11. CPU Performance Variance

How consistent is CPU performance — is cloud virtualization providing consistent and dependable CPU cycles?

12. Help Desk — Call Wait Time

When you call the help desk — how long is it before you can speak with a human?

13. Help Desk — Average Ticket Resolution Time

Average ticket resolution times for incidents, problems and inquiries.

14. SLA Violations

SLA violations by severity.

15. MTTR for SLA Violations

How long does it take the service to be fixed when a SLA violation occurs (mean time to repair)?

16. Security Incidents

Security incidents related to cloud infrastructure.

17. Change Lead Time

Average notice period for cloud maintenance that impacts service levels.

18. Average Time to Provision

How long it takes to obtain additional computing, network and data resources. This may include the time to deploy your applications to new instances.

19. Billing Accuracy

Telecom companies are notorious for their billing practices. It is recommended to check any bills related to cloud services for accuracy.

20. Carbon Footprint

There are various ways to measure this including Standard Units of Measure (SUoM).

Cloud Dashboards

These metrics are usually provided as a cloud dashboard.

This is the last in a 12-part series of posts called How to Win at Cloud.

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