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4 Things Your CIO Can Do To Ensure Enterprise Architecture Success

        posted by , December 17, 2011

Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs often fail due to a lack of support and oversight. Here are 4 things a CIO can do to ensure your EA investment achieves the significant payback it deserves.

1. Set a clear EA mandate

It's amazing how many EA teams struggle to define and achieve recognition for their own mandate.

Give your EA team the support it deserves with a highly business relevant and achievable mandate. Clearly communicate the mandate to the IT organization. If your EA team's mandate includes business architecture — it needs to be communicated to the business in a joint statement that includes support from key CxOs or the CEO.

2.Get EA in front of the business

Get your chief architect in front of the business. Streamline architectural messages to your business through EA.

3. Give EA a governance role

EA's greatest value is its ability to vet project architecture. EA involvement can increase project success rates, decrease costs and more effectively align projects with business strategy. EAs are most effective when they are part of the architectural decision making process for critical initiatives.

4. Learn about EA

Enterprise Architecture is critical to your success as CIO. Ask your EA team for a overview of the enterprise architecture. A good place to start is the TOGAF methodology.

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