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7 Reasons To Go Public Cloud

        posted by , December 19, 2012

Everyone would like to own a cloud.

After all, cloud computing is the sharpest technology out there.

As fun as investing in private cloud may be, it's an expensive proposition. You need to have a team of specialists to develop, deploy, maintain and manage your cloud. It's not a investment choice that can be taken lightly.

If you're considering private vs public cloud investments. There are several reasons to go public cloud:

1. Simple economics

Public cloud benefits from economies of scale. It's cheaper to run 50,000 servers than it is to run 500 (per unit).

Multi-tenancy also drives efficiency for public cloud. Not to mention that you don't need to make large upfront capital expenditures.

2. Security fears are overblown

It's very possible to secure public cloud services and integration when you know what you're doing.

3. Data privacy fears are overblown

Encrypt your data in transit and storage. Use a data escrow service. Make sure your contracts with cloud providers ensure you data privacy rights.

4. Learn about cloud

The more experience you gain with public cloud the better you'll do when you do launch a private cloud.

I'm not suggesting anything unethical. Just that you can't have your blinders on when you go private cloud. Experience with a variety of cloud platforms is essential.

5. Use great software and best-of-breed cloud APIs

If you hide in your private cloud shell you'll miss out on great software and cloud APIs that are only available on public cloud.

Public cloud services tend to be very strong, especially those that are consumer driven.

6. Shift risks to your vendor

Your cloud service contract may allow you to shift certain IT risks to your cloud service providers.

Whenever you shift risks to a vendor it's important to remember counterparty risk.

7. Focus on core competencies

If you're focused on developing and managing a private cloud it can distract critical resources from core business activities.

On the other hand, many organizations view their private cloud as a core competency.

This is the 8th in a 12-part series of posts called How to Win at Cloud.

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