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8 Common IT Governance Pitfalls

        posted by , May 08, 2011

Attempting IT Governance without firm support from top management is self defeating. Beyond that several pitfalls are common:

1. Who does what now?

Governance participants that lack the authority to perform their roles.

2. I'll get right on it!

Governance stakeholders that lack accountability ― making them unmotivated participants.

3. We do the what now?

Key blueprints, standards and best practices that are not well communicated. The challenges in effectively communicating the enterprise architecture is often underestimated. The governance process itself can also be a challenge to communicate.

4. Keen to govern

Governance initiatives with excessively broad scope. The assumption is often made that governance must cover the entire organization. Rolling out a new governance process is challenging and best done incrementally.

5. Magic software

Over reliance on governance software (garbage-in garbage-out).

6. The black box process

Processes, actions and decisions that lack transparency. Transparency facilitates understanding and trust in the governance process.

7. I watch you, you watch me

Teams that evaluate themselves and other conflicts of interest.

8. Maturity please

Organizations that undertake a comprehensive governance process before reaching the requisite level of organizational maturity.

These IT Governance Pitfalls are summarized in the following diagram:

IT Governance

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