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Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs often fail due to a lack of support and oversight.

Every CIO wants one — a little box that beeps at BS.

The first 50 years of IT innovation was focused on automation. The next 50 will be focused on social sciences.

A CIO is 2x more likely to be fired than promoted.

Is your CIO comfortable with Enterprise Architecture success?

As a enterprise architect it's your job to contribute to the CIO's success (to keep the CIO happy). No matter how committed and professional you are — things can go wrong.

When your organization looks internally for a new CIO there are four usual suspects.

One bad IT executive can do more damage than an army of bad developers.

An idea for IT organizational change.

The 7 point guide to being interesting to executives.

Learn about common root causes of security risks.

Extending ITIL metrics into the cloud — a concrete example.

Want to automate, monitor, measure and continually optimize your business? You might need BPM.

The 90 second version of TOGAF — a popular enterprise architecture framework.

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