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IT Security Guide

        posted by , June 08, 2013

A guide to information security including cheat sheets, best practices and checklists.

The BasicsWeb Security Illustrated
Let zombies teach you about security.

Security Process
A simple process for software security.

Security Assessments
How to assess information security risks.

Security vs. Freedom
A examination of security trade-offs.

Information Security Myths
7 common information security myths.

Physical Security
The integration of physical and information security.

Authentication vs Authorization
The difference explained.

Give attackers something they can't resist.

Canary Trap
Trace the source of information leaks. Real spy stuff.

Multifactor Authentication
Using multiple methods to confirm identity.

PrinciplesPrinciple of Least Privilege
An overview of need-to-know and least privilege.
Risks, Threats & VulnerabilitiesRisk vs Vulnerability vs Threat
The difference explained.

Information Security Threats
A list of example security threats.

Information Security Vulnerabilities
A list of example security vulnerabilities.

Root Cause of Vulnerabilities
10 root causes of security vulnerabilities.
Information Security ManagementInformation Security Management
90 second overview of information security management.

ISO 27001 Certification
ISO 27001 certification at 50000 feet.

Web SecurityPrinciples of Web Security
The 8 principles of web security.

Battleships & Locusts
Web security battleships and locusts.

Web Security Cheat Sheet
Web security cheat sheet.

Web Security Checklist
A basic web security checklist.
DDoSDDoS Motives
The 5 motives for DDoS attack.

DDoS Future
A bleak future of DDoS attacks.

DDoS Protection Basics
8 ways to protect your website from DDoS attack

Security TechnologyEnd-point Protection Platform
What is a endpoint protection platform?

Secure Code ReviewSecure Code Review
A checklist for secure code reviews.

SOA SecuritySOA Security Overview
SOA security from 50,000 feet.

SOA Security Challenges
9 SOA security challenges.

SOA Security Implementation
How to implement SOA security the easy way.

Related GuidesRisk Guide
A guide to business risk.

Quality Guide
A guide to quality.

Enterprise Architecture Guide
A guide to enterprise architecture.

Information Security Careers

A few career resources for information security professionals.

Job DescriptionsInformation Security Officer
Information security officer job description.
InterviewsIT Security Interview Questions
101 IT security interview questions.

Interview Guide
A collection of interview questions, answers and strategies.

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