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SOA Guide

        posted by , March 05, 2013

SOA is a widely misunderstood set of architectural design principles. SOA principles are really just a collection of time-honored best practices for service design.

Our collection of SOA resources includes overviews, design principles and security best practices.

BasicsSOA Diagram
Understand SOA with one magic diagram.

SOA Marketplace
Build your own SOA marketplace.

SOA for the Confused
A few clarifications.

SOA in the Real World
Beyond the ideal vision of SOA.

The world's biggest SOA.

Design Best PracticesSOA Design Principles
9 principles of SOA design.

SOA Design Patterns
10 SOA design patterns every architect should know.

SecuritySecurity Challenges
9 SOA security challenges.

SOA Security
SOA security from 50,000 feet.

SOA Security Implementation
How to implement SOA security the easy way.

SOA & Security
Why SOA is fundamentally challenging for security professionals.

Challenges & MythsSOA Myths
4 common SOA myths.

SOA Failure
This is what SOA failure looks like.

Related ArchitecturesEvent Driven Architecture
Not your Grandmother's SOA.

Complex Event Processing
Adventures in complex event processing.

Related GuidesEnterprise Architecture Guide
Our guide to enterprise architecture.

Security Guide
Information security guide.

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