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A Bleak Future of DDoS Attacks

        posted by , March 09, 2011

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have evolved — becoming more efficient by targeting higher level services.

Recent developments in technology have exposed vulnerabilities that may further enable DDoS attacks.

Classic DDoS Attacks

In the past, most DDOS attacks were TCP (Layer 4) attacks — designed to tie up TCP sessions, connections and resources.

Over time, networking equipment and anti-DDoS solutions evolved — today there are effective solutions for Layer 4 attacks.

DDoS Trends

Increasingly, DDoS attacks now target Layer 7 protocols such as HTTP.
ddos attack

Layer 7 DDoS

Layer 7 DDoS attacks are more efficient and difficult to defend against:

dos attack

Layer 7 DDoS Examples:
- requesting large files or objects that use up bandwidth
- requesting complex queries that tie up database connections
- manipulating HTTP headers to tie up web server connections
- exploiting vulnerabilities such as buffer overruns

The Future of DDoS

Today, most layer 7 DDoS attacks target the web server or web application. However, web services are increasingly being targeted.

prevent ddos


New architectural approaches such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) may be even more vulnerable to DDoS attack.

SOA security

SOA services often implement high level functionality that may trigger:
- complex logic and queries
- legacy APIs and systems
- human workflows
- other SOA services
- components
- integration

One request to a SOA service can consume a great deal of enterprise resources. As a result, SOA DDoS attacks could immobilize a wide range of enterprise systems and services.

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