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A Simple Process for Enterprise Architecture Governance

        posted by , April 23, 2011

A simple reference process for EA project governance. The process works well — but requires support from the CIO, PMO and operations.

enterprise architecture governance

a. EA impact?

EA governance is too heavy for small, non strategic projects. Inclusion criteria typically considers both project budget and strategic impact.

b. update EA

Make sure that future looking components of the EA such as gaps, strategy and transition architectures reflect the project.

c. technical assessment

The EA team reviews the project — this should include the project charter and macro design. Action items must be addressed before proceeding to the PMO review.

d. PMO review

The project management office (PMO) reviews the project including the business case, budget and other initiation phase items.

e. implement

The implementation team is responsible for compiling with the macro design and enterprise architecture.

f. post implementation review

The EA team reviews the work of the implementation team. Action items need to be addressed before launch.

g. update EA

The current state EA is updated to reflect the project.

h. launch

Governance has ensured that the project launched into production conforms with the EA and is reflected in EA documentation.

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