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Architect Drunk Implement Sober

        posted by , December 23, 2011

Recently, I wrote a short article that speculates what advice Ernest Hemingway might have had for Enterprise Architects. The article excluded some of Hemingway’s more colorful advice:

Write drunk, edit sober
Can this advice also apply to Enterprise Architecture?

Conceptualize Drunk

Conceptual architectures are pretty easy to map out. More than once I've mapped them out on the back of cocktail napkins.

My point here, is that conceptual architectures are relatively lightweight — they can be a little on the dreamy side.

The Dreamy Side

Architecture has two sides — the dreamy side and the implementable side.

Thought leaders at some firms manage to stay on the dreamy side for much of their careers. The vast majority of IT professionals are firmly implanted on the implementation side.

Enterprise architects are most effective when they both dream and deliver. Conceptualize drunk implement sober is as good an analogy for this process as any.

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