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Ask the Architect

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There's quite a bit of confusion about three common content management acronyms: CMS, WCM, ECM. Here's what you need to know to get above the confusion.

Yes and no. There's no ITIL certification process offered by ITIL itself. However, an organization that's reached ITIL maturity can generally be ISO 20000 certified.

Yes, architect is a verb. Some dictionaries list it as a verb and others do not. The ones that don't haven't caught up with the modern usage of the word architect.

It seems like IT people are always talking about services.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are large systems that solve a wide range of business problems.

The term legacy system is sometimes used inaccurately. There are 8 things that make a system "legacy".

Enterprises tend to over-engineer integration. On the internet things evolved differently.

Despite best efforts — it's simply ineffective to display data on a two dimensional static page.

Information Architect (IA) is a widely misunderstood profession. Some think of Information Architects as glorified Web Designers. Others think of IAs as database designers. Still others consider them to be library scientists.

The internet is an agile, interoperable and scalable service-oriented environment. Web Oriented Architecture seeks to leverage internet design principles for the Enterprise.

The business value you extract from your IT investments depends on how well they're managed.

You heard it here — the days of EA are numbered.

The EA community is still struggling with some very basic questions.

What you should know about web security.

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