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Big Data

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A guide to big data including an overview of key technologies.

As with any emerging field, the definition of big data is always in flex.

Like any powerful new tool, big data can either be used to improve life or to make life worse.

Why big data is valuable and 4 steps to maximizing that value.

Understand the difference between the database classes.

The basics of big data in 90 seconds.

Why it's easy to get big data all wrong.

Big data is on the rise — are you missing out?

The 3 things you need to know to cut through the big data hype.

Big data is an earth shaking innovation!

Big data is on the rise — are you missing out?

IT Event Correlation And Analysis (ECA) automates or optimizes the process of identifying the root cause of an incident. They also improve operational efficiency by allowing staff to filter infrastructure events to quickly find events that require action.

Chief Information Officer

Beware of the EA communists, anarchists and monarchs.

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