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BPM Software in 90 Seconds

        posted by , February 04, 2011

Business Process Management Suites(BPMS) is software used to automate business processes.

bpms software

Design Environment

Design tools allow business users to model processes and simulate various scenarios. The output is complete business process models.

Development Environment

Developers take the business process models and make them executable. This involves building data flows between steps, integration with enterprise systems and data sources and building user interfaces for tasks. The output is executable business process models.

Runtime Environment

The runtime environment is powered by engines which orchestrate the business process, execute business rules and interface with users through workflow tasks.

Tools for process monitoring, administration and user collaboration are often included.

What's the point?

BPMS are critical tools used to automate, control, monitor, measure and optimize business processes. Since, we only have 90 seconds we will leave it at that. If you would like to know more consider reading about Business Process Management.

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