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Build Your Own Enterprise SOA Marketplace

        posted by , March 04, 2013

SOA has great potential to break down technology silos, simplify your technology stack, reduce costs and improve quality. However, there are often political roadblocks to a SOA strategy:

- technology silos have little visibility to what each other are doing
- departments compete with each other and have little incentive to share their services
- budget issues - who pays for shared services?

Enterprise Architecture teams tasked with breaking down these silos and service reuse take various approaches:

- create departments responsible for common services
- governance: force people to share services
- collaboration: encourage people to use share services

However, these approaches have a poor track record. All three approaches tend (with the possible exception of collaboration) to generate more political issues rather than breaking them down.

A New Approach

Allow competition to drive common solutions. Give incentives to silos to build and share common services by creating a marketplace for SOA services within your organization.

The marketplace should:

- allow departments to advertise available services
- allow departments to price services by various models (flat rate subscription, user based, volume, free etc..)

Example: An investment bank has dozens of silos that collect market data. After establishing a SOA marketplace two or three of these departments may decide to offer market services. The best service will become the most popular with time.

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