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Cloud Computing

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A guide to cloud computing including cheat sheets, best practices and metrics.

How do you measure a cloud?

Many cloud myths have some basis in reality — even if they're not completely true.

As fun as investing in private cloud may be, it's an expensive proposition. Public cloud has several advantages.

In the future, large sophisticated organizations will own clouds, small businesses won't.

Cloud computing demystified.

Extending ITIL metrics into the cloud — a concrete example.

Popular ideas such as cloud computing get twisted, turned and flipped upside down before anyone can agree on common definitions.

That cloud framework everyone is so excited about.

Hadoop: What It Is and How It Works »

Why Hadoop is Mostly Batch »

Architectural decisions we make today may dramatically extend the life of IT investments.

The 10 steps to get your organization started with cloud.

Which cloud strategies will fail and which will succeed?

These 26 cloud features separate the cloud leaders from cloud washers.

An executive overview of Hadoop for the enterprise.

It sometimes feels as if we've entered a world of cloud and now there's nothing but cloud.

Cloud computing is likely to shake up IT careers in a big way.

The decision to integrate clouds is usually a no-brainer.

Information technology governance

Take a few minutes to learn about the Zachman Framework — a framework for Enterprise Architecture.

Want to automate, monitor, measure and continually optimize your business? You might need BPM.

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