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Cloud Guide

        posted by , March 06, 2013

A guide to cloud computing including cheat sheets, best practices and metrics.

OverviewCloud Overview
Cloud computing cheat sheet.

Cloud Myths
7 cloud myths that are only half true.

Cloud vs. Legacy
How cloud created a new generation of legacy systems.

List of Cloud Features
The 26 features of cloud infrastructure.

The Origin of Cloud
Where the cloud was born.

Cloud & Employment
Why cloud is after your job.

Implementation GuidesGetting Started Guide
How to quit worrying about cloud and start preparing.

Cloud Implementation Guide
How to win at cloud.

Cloud Readiness Guide
5 ways to make your architecture cloud ready.

Public, Private, HybridPublic vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud
The differences explained.

Why Go Public Cloud?
7 reasons to go public cloud.

Why Go Private Cloud?
9 reasons to go private cloud.

Why Go Hybrid Cloud?
Why hybrid cloud is inevitable for most organizations.

SaaSWhy SaaS
Why SaaS makes life easy.

Your CFO & SaaS
Why Your CFO loves SaaS.

SaaS vs. Control
SaaS versus the control freaks.

SaaS Jobs
7 jobs that will be created by SaaS.

SaaS CRM Failure
A case study in SaaS CRM failure.

SaaS Pitfalls
SaaS CRM buyer beware.

SaaS Data Escrow
6 reasons you need a SaaS data escrow service.
Metrics & DashboardsCloud Metrics
20 easy to use cloud metrics.

Cloud Dashboard
A cloud dashboard example.

Related GuidesBig Data Guide
A guide to big data.

Enterprise Architecture
A guide to enterprise architecture.

Security Guide
A guide to information security.

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