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Enterprise Architecture

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A large collection of enterprise architecture tools.

... or how I learned to stop worrying and love big boxes.

How to win EA supporters and influence people with sound bites.

This is the way to prove to your stakeholders that your recommendations are not just whims.

Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats. ~ Howard Aiken

What is the value of your EA project in 9 words or less?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs often fail due to a lack of support and oversight.

How to tell if your Enterprise Architect is doing her job.

CxO level executives are demanding metrics for EA — can you deliver?

I watch you, you watch me — and 7 other common governance pitfalls.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is supposed to help manage IT risks — but is it possible that EA itself introduces new risks?

A current state enterprise architecture blueprint represents your organization's high level architecture. It's probably the most important documentation that any IT organization can create and maintain.

What would Einstein have to say about EA?

What is the one thing that your business agrees upon?

The impossible dream: ROI for EA.

A simple reference process for EA governance.

Enterprise Architects must choose their words very carefully.

Enterprise architects are most effective when they both dream and deliver. Conceptualize drunk implement sober is as good an analogy for this process as any.

8 things an Enterprise Architect should never do.

Are the architectural messages coming from your EA team consistent and compelling?

The questions facing the EA community are all about trade-offs: protection vs. freedom, governance vs collaboration etc...

Automation vs Collaboration »

Innovation vs. Standardization »

Risk vs. Return for IT Investments »

Valuable resources for architects.

Business Capability Map »

System Application Map »

A bird's eye view of Business Architecture.

Learn about the work products you can expect from a Business Architect.

The most difficult job in your IT organization.

Is Your Chief Architect a Cowboy or a Robot? »

Everyone is trying to convince me to be an IT communist.

Don't expect your ideas to easily fly — ideas are an evolutionary process.

You heard it here — the days of EA are numbered.

A different way to look at business processes.

Adventures In Complex Event Processing »

The history of Enterprise Architecture is ripe with failures. This one was massive .

Learn about the 10 most dangerous Enterprise Architecture pitfalls.

What are Enterprise Architects passionate about? Technology? Business? Communication? How about geometric shapes?

A few thoughts on introducing yourself to technology leaders.

Why Enterprise Taxonomies are more exciting than they sound.

Like it or not — Enterprise Architecture requires marketing, marketing and more marketing.

Explaining complex business and technical concepts in layman's terms.

Enterprise Architecture — solving the world's problems one big box at a time.

So you have defined a set of architectural principles — so now what?

When architecture is trendy but useless.

How to make yourself the top candidate by asking the right questions.

Enterprise Architecture is the last thing that should be boring. It's your high level plan for the evolution of your organization's technology. What's boring about that?

Is your enterprise architecture program like Television or Internet?

Imagine (if you will) that you could say the following about your Enterprise Architecture.

Do EAs need to understand psychology?

What lessons can Enterprise Architects take from City Planners?

How to influence with sound bites.

The EA community is still struggling with some very basic questions.

Enterprise architects are leaders. They're near the top of the technical food chain in any organization. As leaders, there are a lot of people in the organization EAs can help.

Enterprise Integration has traditionally focused on moving data from one database to another. Recent technology trends have challenged this approach.

The great minds of Enterprise Architecture are still grappling with some very basic questions.

Does your city have a sewer system? How about water? The 9 essential services of IT are just as critical for enterprises as water for a city.

A few rules of thumb for Enterprise Architecture success.

Hemingway's secrets are ever more relevant in today's information intensive world.

The balance between loaded words and sounding academic and out of touch.

What's better than TOGAF's ADM?

The amazing John Zachman. A 24 year old publication about enterprise architecture that reads as if it was written yesterday.

When it comes to Enterprise Architecture less is usually more — EA is no place for stretch targets.

The 90 second version of TOGAF — a popular enterprise architecture framework.

Imagine your hardcore IT geek talking to a company executive. What would they talk about?

A bird's eye view of IT Governance.

Should EA report to the CIO? COO? CFO? CEO? How about the Board of Directors?

Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs often get current state architectural blueprints all wrong. It's a shame — current state blueprints are essential to architectural success. What's more, they should be easy.

How games became relevant to every industry.

Believe it or not — security is the most solid EA value proposition.

In the not too distance future there are going to be a helluva lot of enterprise architects. There will also be plenty of business architects, security architects, data architects and integration architects. Here's why.

Do you have what it takes to be a good Enterprise Architect?

EA software has evolved — very soon it will be unthinkable to run a EA team without a tool.

Enterprise Architects are not always as friendly as spider man.

Take a few minutes to learn about the Zachman Framework — a framework for Enterprise Architecture.

A simple checklist for secure code reviews.

A large collection of enterprise architecture tools.

The reality is that SOA is a simple concept.

The most important diagram in all of business architecture — without it your EA efforts are in vain.

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