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Enterprise Architecture and The Evolution of Ideas

        posted by , May 14, 2011

Enterprise Architecture has two core value propositions:

1. Providing IT transparency
2. Developing architectural opportunities to achieve business strategy, reduce risk and improve time to market.

These both boil down to one thing — gaining acceptance for ideas. For example, take a architectural principle such as:

ESB will be used for all real-time message based data integration.

Such a principle may seem obvious to a Enterprise Architect — but idea acceptance is almost always a challenge.

The Evolution of Ideas

EAs must push for architectural principles to become part of the corporate mindset. This is where the evolution of ideas becomes the EA's best friend.

the evolution of ideas

The evolution of ideas is the process by which ideas become engrained in the corporate culture.

Applying The Evolution of Ideas

There are two ways to apply the Evolution of Ideas:

1. Champion good ideas — the more the better.
If a idea is good — it will eventually fly.

2. Communicate and Socialize
An idea must be communicated and socialized over and over again before it will reach general acceptance.

Don't expect your ideas to easily fly — it's an evolutionary process.

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