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Enterprise Architecture Anti Patterns

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The internet boom of the late 1990s drove the need to aggregate web content from multiple sources. Two solutions emerged: Mashups and Portals.

EA hijacking — when someone who doesn't know what enterprise architecture is (and doesn't care) uses the EA mandate to tackle a personal agenda.

When EA is way too high level.

When Enterprise Architects are glorified change managers.

Is your CIO comfortable with Enterprise Architecture success?

As a enterprise architect it's your job to contribute to the CIO's success (to keep the CIO happy). No matter how committed and professional you are — things can go wrong.

Architecture shaped by politics.

Projects that are great for your architect's resume but bad for business.

Perfectly elegant architectures that are perfectly out of touch.

EAs who get sucked down into solution architecture, infrastructure details or even development.

Enterprise Architecture is a truly dangerous profession.

Be trendy, impress your friends, build your resume and waste your organization's money.

How to make pancakes with a hairdryer.

Wouldn't it be nice to painlessly switch vendors?

The sales-oriented Enterprise Architect.

ITIL 2011 (v3) identifies 25 core processes. Here they are.

Learn about common root causes of security risks.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is supposed to help manage IT risks — but is it possible that EA itself introduces new risks?

Our guide to the ITIL framework.

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