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Enterprise Architecture Guide

        posted by , June 27, 2016

Our collection of enterprise architecture tools including strategy, principles, techniques, frameworks and methods.
Basics Enterprise Architecture Definition
What is enterprise architecture?

Why Enterprise Architecture Is Valuable
A list of value propositions for an enterprise architecture team.

Architecture vs Design
An overview of the differences between architecture and design.

Structure Follows Strategy
A fundamental principle of enterprise architecture.

Current State Blueprints
What is a current state enterprise architecture blueprint?

EA Simplified
How to explain enterprise architecture to your grandmother.

EA Diagrams
Understand enterprise architecture with these 7 simple diagrams.

Origin of Enterprise Architecture
How old is enterprise architecture?

Future of EA
Why enterprise architecture is poised to boom.

EA Reporting Line
Who should enterprise architecture report to?

PrinciplesEA Principles
101 principles of enterprise architecture.

Value of EA Principles
How to squeeze value from EA principles.

Innovation Principles
40 principles for an innovation culture.

Why Principles?
7 reasons you need architecture principles.

Architectural Trade-offsAutomation vs. Collaboration
How far are you willing to take automation?

Innovation vs. Standardization
When standardization collides with innovation.

Risk vs. Return
Are you willing to bet the farm?

Security vs. Freedom
Security is often a trade off to freedom.

Current State ArchitectureCurrent State Definition
What is a current state?

Why Current State is Easy
How to avoid the current state time suck.

Current State Template
A high level template for current state architecture.

Why Current State?
9 reasons you need a current state architecture.

Current State Mistakes
5 common current state architectural blueprint mistakes.

Business Capability Map
The most important diagram in all of business architecture.

System Application Map
Your system landscape in one diagram.

Enterprise Taxonomies
How to build a hot enterprise taxonomy.

Future State ArchitectureSimplification
How to simplify your enterprise architecture in 10 easy steps.

EA Idea Pipeline
A typical real world EA process.

Enterprise Services
The 9 essential enterprise services.

EA success
A few rules of thumb for succeeding with enterprise architecture.

Virtuous Cycle of EA
When everything falls into place.

A guide to business & technology innovation.

Business ArchitectureBusiness Architecture Overview
Business architecture at 50,000 feet.

Business Architecture Inputs & Outputs
Typical work products related to the business architecture phase of TOGAF.

Business Guide
A guide to business including strategy planning.

Data ArchitectureBig Data
Our guide to the big data universe.

What is Big Data?
10 big data definitions, take your pick.

Enterprise Integration
The 5 levels of enterprise integration.

What's the Value of Data?
Data is worth more than the sum of its records.
Enterprise Architecture GovernanceEA Governance
The 7 styles of enterprise architecture governance.

KISS of EA Governance
It's common for EA governance processes to be far more complex than they need to be.

IT Governance Process
A sample IT governance process.

IT Cost Transparency
IT cost transparency for fun and profit.

IT Financial Management
IT financial management resources.

IT Governance Pitfalls
8 common IT governance pitfalls.

Enterprise Architecture Patterns Business Capability Driven EA
There are many paths to success but only one path to business-IT alignment.

Self Service
Service automation for customer satisfaction.

Vanilla Tools
The underappreciated basic tools that support business.

Big Box Success
The value of big box EA.

Enterprise Architecture Anti PatternsEnterprise Over-engineering
A classic example of enterprise over-engineering.

Administrative Architecture
Administrators make terrible architects.

Big Box Enterprise Architect
High level and out of touch.

EA as Change Management
Enterprise architecture is not change management.

EA vs. CIO
Is your CIO comfortable with enterprise architecture success?

Angry CIO
How to make your CIO angry in 10 easy steps.

Politically Oriented Architecture
Architecture shaped by politics.

Resume Oriented Architecture
Projects that are great for your architect's resume but bad for business.

The Ivory Tower Enterprise Architect
Perfectly elegant architectures that are perfectly out of touch.

The Sinking Enterprise Architect
EAs who get sucked down into solution architecture, infrastructure details or even development.

The Vicious Cycle of Enterprise Architecture
When EA goes wrong, things are only likely to get worse.

Trend Oriented Architecture
Be trendy, impress your friends, build your resume and waste your organization's resources.

Hype Driven Architecture
Buying in at the peak of inflated expectations and selling as value is achieved.

Vendor Lock-in
Wouldn't it be nice to painlessly switch vendors?

When Enterprise Architecture Sells Out
The sales-oriented enterprise architect.

Pancakes with a Hairdryer
The ugliest architecture and what it taught me about business.

Value of Enterprise ArchitectureValue of EA
10 reasons enterprise architecture is the best investment any company can make.

EA Value Proposition
14 enterprise architecture value propositions.

ROI for Enterprise Architecture
What's the value of strategic planning?

IT Support for EA
Is it foolish to think that IT will support EA?

CIO Support for EA
4 things you should ask your CIO to do to support enterprise architecture.

Marketing Enterprise ArchitectureArchitectural Themes
The good, the bad and the ugly.

Selling EA
How to sell the value of enterprise architecture with opportunities and solutions.

Selling EA with Sound Bites
One technique of gaining acceptance for EA.

EA Sound Bites
101 enterprise architecture sound bites.

EA Marketing
How to develop a enterprise architecture marketing plan.

Engaging EA
Lean forward and participate enterprise architecture.

Sell EA to the Right People
Are you knocking on the wrong doors?

EA Stakeholders
The 20 people In your organization who need enterprise architecture.

Mistakes & FailureEA Pitfalls
Architects aren't police and 7 other EA pitfalls.

Common EA Mistakes
7 common enterprise architecture mistakes.

Enterprise Architecture is Dead
Is EA on the decline or upswing?

EA Failure Case Study
Failure of the US government's enterprise architecture program.

VocabulariesEA's Guide to Avoiding Loaded Words
How to avoid loaded words.

Adjectives That Describe EA
Enterprise architects choose their words carefully.

Metrics & Measurement Enterprise Architecture Metrics
7 key enterprise architecture metrics.

EA Scorecard
So you think you're doing enterprise architecture?

Types of EA Metrics
The 3 types of EA metrics.

Cloud Metrics
20 easy to use cloud metrics.

ITIL Metrics
20 easy to use ITIL metrics.

IT metrics
51 IT metrics you can start using today.

TOGAFTOGAF is for Rookies
The value of TOGAF.

TOGAF Overview
TOGAF in 90 seconds.

Enforcing TOGAF
Applying TOGAF across an organization.

TOGAF Customization
How to customize TOGAF.

Zachman FrameworkZachman Framework Overview
Zachman framework in 3 easy diagrams.

Zachman on Change Management
A few words from Zachman on change management.

Old School Zachman
The more enterprise architecture changes the more it stays the same.

Chief ArchitectsChief Architect Job Description
The responsibilities of a Chief Architect.

Chief Architect Styles
Cowboy or robot?

Advanced EA Concepts Why?
Why is the place to be for EA.

Enterprise Architecture and Happiness
How EA makes stakeholders happy.

EA & Games
Why enterprise architects need to understand games.

Enterprise Architecture Scorecard
How to score an EA program.

The Physics of Technology
Technology is a three dimensional universe ...

Why Best Practices Are Mediocre
Many organizations approach business like trendy high school kids approach fashion.

Inspiration & General SillinessEinstein Was an Enterprise Architect
What if Albert Einstein had been an enterprise architect?

Architect Drunk Implement Sober
Can this advice apply to enterprise architecture?

The Ernest Hemingway Guide To EA
Ernest Hemingway's simple, accessible, gripping style.

EA Excellence
Mirror mirror on the wall who has the most advanced enterprise architecture of them all ...

Lazy Architects
Why lazy architects are so successful.

Lazy Guide to Enterprise Software
The lazy architect's guide to enterprise software.

IT Yes Men
The unstoppable army of IT yes men.

Software Customization Pyramid
The Pharaohs were on to something.

Interesting Architecture
Is your architecture like a good movie?

EA Quotations
101 quotations for enterprise architects.

Architecture vs. Architecture
How do construction architects feel about technology architects?

IT Sucks But We're Not Sure Why
What your business really thinks.

Pessimist's Guide to EA
Sturgeon's Law states that 90% of everything is ...

Why EAs Understand Alien Technologies
How to quickly understand new technology.


A few career resources for enterprise architects.

CareerCareer Tool
InterviewsEnterprise Architecture Interview Questions
101 interview questions for EAs.

Common EA Interview Questions
10 questions that pop up in every enterprise architecture interview.

CIO Interview Questions
101 interview questions for CIOs.

IT Manager Interview Questions
102 interview questions for IT managers.

How To Win Your Next Job
A large collection of interview questions and strategies.

SkillsSoft Skills for EAs
11 essential soft skills for EAs.

Program Management Skills
98 program management skills.

Project Management Skills
125 project management skills.

Skills Inventory
1000s of standard skill descriptions by profession.

Technology, Business & Management

A few topic guides that may be of interest to enterprise architects.

TechnologyCloud Computing
A guide to cloud computing.

Big Data
A guide to big data.

Enterprise Software
A guide to enterprise software (e.g. ERP).

Enterprise Architecture Software
Why you need a enterprise architecture tool.

ArchitectureSolution Architecture
A guide to solution architecture.

SecuritySecurity & Enterprise Architecture
Why enterprise architects should care about security.

Security Guide
Guide to information security.

SOASOA Overview
Understand SOA with one magic diagram.

SOA for the Confused
A few clarifications.

SOA in the Real World
Beyond the ideal vision of SOA.

SOA Design Patterns
10 SOA design patterns every architect should know.

SOA Myths
4 common SOA myths.

SOA Marketplace
Build your own SOA marketplace.

Event Driven Architecture
Not your grandmother's SOA.

SOA Design Principles
9 principles of SOA design.

The world's biggest SOA.

SOA Failure
This is what SOA failure looks like.

SOA Security
SOA security from 50,000 feet.

SOA & Security
Why SOA is fundamentally challenging for security professionals.

SOA Security Challenges
9 SOA security challenges.

SOA Security Implementation
How to implement SOA security the easy way.

BusinessRisk Guide
A guide to risk.

Quality Guide
A guide to quality.

Best Practices
A guide to business best practices.

Business Strategy
A guide to business strategy.

ManagementManagement: The Missing Manual
A guide to management strategy, methods and techniques.

Project Management Guide
A comprehensive guide to project management strategies, techniques, methods and careers.

Soft SkillsLeadership Guide
How to influence, motivate and set direction.

Negotiation Guide
Negotiating strategies, techniques and skills.

Public Speaking Guide
How to give magnetic presentations.

Soft Skills Guide
Soft skills are like hurricanes — they often have wimpy names but they pack a punch.

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