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Enterprise Software

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A guide to enterprise software that covers a wide variety of critical enterprise tools.

Shared services drive IT efficiency — how many of these services do your business units share?

When ERP projects fail they fail big — often resulting in a pink slip for the CIO.

How ERP solves a complex integration problem with a complex application.

Learn about the most complex software of all — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

The writing is on the wall. IT departments may go the way of the typing pool.

Technologies built to handle data volume, variety and velocity.

Big Data Guide »

10 Big Data Definitions: Take Your Pick »

3 Big Data Bullies »

Articles related to Business Process Management (BPM) technologies.

BPM Software in 90 Seconds »

BPM vs BPM »

Executive Overview of Business Process Management »

4 simple rules for the buy vs. build decision.

A key tool for digital asset management.

14 Reasons You Need Document Management Software »

It is silly to compare the cost of a mobile app and a full ERP implementation — but we did it anyway.

Learn the difference between strategic, emerging and standard enterprise building blocks.

Learn about Enterprise Service Bus — a critical data integration technology.

Enterprise Service Bus For Pessimists »

How ESB Ruined Integration Diagrams »

When to use ESB versus ETL »

That cloud framework everyone is so excited about.

Hadoop: What It Is and How It Works »

Why Hadoop is Mostly Batch »

It's a growing problem — direct purchases of Enterprise Software by business teams (completely bypassing IT). Here's how to deal with it.

Save your organization millions of dollars and become an IT hero.

One of the biggest business problems many organizations face today.

Master Data Management Cheat Sheet »

Decision support metrics, analytics, dashboards and reports.

Human Driven Dashboards »

The one reason companies have little success with social software.

Everything you ever wanted to know about solution architecture but were afraid to ask.

16 Solution Architect Anti-patterns »

A Brief History of Solution Architecture »

How to Pass a Enterprise Architecture Project Review »

The 27 differences between low and high quality software.

How would a lazy person explain enterprise software? Can concepts such as SOA, cloud, ERP be explained in 10 words or less?

If it doesn't add to competitive advantage — don't customize it.

It's good for you but bad for technology companies. Learn how commoditization drives technical innovation.

Industrial strength survey tools.

Ever seen a company try to completely rewrite a commercial ERP package? It is not pretty.

What is the value of your EA project in 9 words or less?

Current state blueprints capture business, data and implementation architecture at the conceptual, logical and physical levels.

Our collection of SOA architecture resources and tools.

ITIL 2011 (v3) identifies 25 core processes. Here they are.

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