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Enterprise Software Guide

        posted by , March 07, 2013

A guide to enterprise software that covers a wide variety of enterprise tools and techniques.

Shared ServicesShared IT Services
42 shared IT services.

What Can Software Do?
The 27 capabilities of enterprise software.

ERPERP Overview
A bird's eye view of ERP.

ERP Statistics
12 mind bending ERP statistics.

ERP Pitfalls
6 common ERP pitfalls.

ERP Architecture
ERP and the throw everything in one big database crowd.

Social ERP
Social ERP — the mother of all social applications.

CRMWhat's CRM?
What CRM really means.

SaaS CRM Failure
A case study in SaaS CRM failure.

CRM Gamification
Could CRM gamification make sales fun again?

Social CRM
Goodbye 3 martini lunches hello social CRM.
Enterprise service bus for pessimists.

ESB Diagrams
How ESB ruined integration diagrams.

When to use ESB versus ETL.
MashupsWhat's a Mashup?
What mashup really means.

Mashup Overview
Mashups explained in plain English.

Mashup Value
The value of mashups for the enterprise.

Mashups for Business Intelligence
Mashups for BI explained.
Social SoftwareCIO Overview of Social Software
8 things CIOs need to know about social software.

Game Design Principles For Enterprise Software
101 game design principles.

Revenge of the Social Media Nerds
Revenge of the social media nerds — how social software became big business.

Social vs. Technology
Social software is not about technology.

Social Media Bliss
7 levels of enterprise social media bliss.

Social Media Monitoring
What social media monitoring really means.
What's the difference?

Executive Overview of BPM
Executive overview of business process management.

BPM Overview
BPM software in 90 seconds.

BPM Best Practices
6 steps to business process management success.
Other Enterprise SoftwareMaster Data Management (MDM)
Master data management cheat sheet.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
How to manage a cloud of heterogeneous mobile devices.

Web Content Management
A overview of web content management.

What's Advanced Data Visualization (ADV)?
Despite best efforts — it's ineffective to display data on a two dimensional static page.

Continuous Controls Monitoring for Transactions (CCM-T)
An overview of continuous controls monitoring software.

Complex Event Processing
Adventures in complex event processing.

Event Correlation and Analysis
IT event correlation and analysis explained.

Workflow technology from 50,000 feet.

Reporting & Analytics
Decision support metrics, analytics, dashboards and reports.

Contract Lifecycle Management
The exciting world of contract lifecycle management.

Enterprise Feedback Management
What enterprise feedback management really means.

Document Management
14 reasons you need document management software.

Legacy SystemsWhat is Legacy?
What legacy system really means.

Keeping Your Legacy
6 reasons you should keep your legacy systems.

Legacy & Cloud
How cloud created a new generation of legacy systems.
Best PracticesBuy vs. Build
Buy versus build decision tree.

What's ITIL anyway?
An overview of a critical IT standard.

ITIL Guide
A guide to the ITIL framework.

ROI for ITROI for IT
How to calculate ROI for IT investments.

Why your CFO dislikes IT ROI.

Is ROI Fading?
Why IT ROI is fading fast as a measure of IT success.

Ideas, Commentary & General SillinessThe Last IT Department
A brave new world without IT.

Lazy Guide to Enterprise Software
The lazy architect's guide to enterprise software.

Software Magnitude
Enterprise software by order of magnitude.

Software Customization Pyramid
When to customize and when to accept.

Over-Customization of Software
Your business is requesting too many software customizations

Technology Commoditization
The unstoppable march of technology commoditization.

Strategic, Emerging, Sunset
Enterprise software: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Enterprise Software Without IT
How to handle business units who buy enterprise software without IT.

Are You Using Your Licenses?
How to save your organization millions in software licence costs.

Software & Social Proof
Are your enterprise software purchases driven by social proof?

ArchitectureSolution Anti-patterns
16 solution architecture anti-patterns.

Software Layers
A brief history of solution architecture.

Consumerization of IT
Consumerization of IT explained.

Internet of Things
Internet of things is about networking everyday things such as water bottles.

Web Oriented Architecture
Leverage internet design principles for the enterprise.

Context Aware Computing
Context aware computing explained.

Project Reviews
How to pass a enterprise architecture project review.

Enterprise Architecture Guide
A guide to enterprise architecture.

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