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Geometric Shapes for Enterprise Architects

        posted by , July 20, 2011

What are Enterprise Architects passionate about? Technology? Business? Communication? How about geometric shapes?

There are certain shapes that seem to have the power to communicate architectural concepts — these shapes gain popularity with EAs everywhere.

10. Quadrants

Great for separating the good, bad and the ugly (and the boring). Gartner's magic quadrant is the prime example.

9. Pyramids

Illustrate hierarchies. Often used for maturity models — climbing the pyramid of maturity.

business strategy example

8. Torus (Donut shape)

Good for cyclical processes (think TOGAF ADM).

business processs management overview

7. Clouds

What better way to hide details than in a cloud?

cloud computing

6. Arrows

Which way does your architecture flow?

saas model

5. Cylinders

Cylinders have long been the universally accepted shape for a database.

cmdb configuration item

4. Circles

Circles have little architectural meaning but people use them nonetheless.


3. Grids

Good for voluminous data.

business capability dashboard

2. Boxes

It's amazing what an Enterprise Architect can hide in a box.

bank architecture

1. Lines

Give an EA lines and boxes and they will show you the world of technology and business.

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