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Hello I am your Enterprise Architect

        posted by , April 02, 2011

A few thoughts on introducing yourself to technology leaders as a enterprise architect.

Reason for Introduction

Give a reason for the introduction — why do they care?

Example: The reason I want to introduce myself is because I will be helping you to get your governance approvals for the XYZ project.

Personal Background

Start by giving a brief personal background.

A standard approach will suffice — start with some superficially self deprecating jokes and then list all the reasons you are great.

Elevator Pitch

Give your 30 second pitch for the value of enterprise architecture.

Example: I am here to support your team — to help you get through the governance process — to help you define your architecture in a way the business will understand — to answer questions about standards — and to help connect you with the right building blocks for your projects.


Ask for feedback about enterprise architecture.

Example: Have you worked with our team in the past? What do you expect from our team? etc..

Be prepared for negative feedback — and make sure to defend the value of enterprise architecture and assure them you will address their concerns.

If they give excessively negative feedback — put the ball back in their court. Ask them a few difficult questions — I see you have established a SOA architecture, what have you done to secure that?

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