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How to Develop a Enterprise Architecture Marketing Plan

        posted by , May 13, 2011

In a perfect world Enterprise Architecture would market itself. Enterprise Architects could sit at their desk publishing strategies, roadmaps and blueprints. Each eagerly awaited publication would be instantly implemented by the organization.

This is not a perfect world — even if your architecture is brilliant it will be a struggle to obtain even a modest rate of adoption. This is why Enterprise Architects must have a keen sense of marketing.

There are 10 components to any good EA marketing program:
enterprise architecture marketing plan

1. Principles

Your EA principles are key a part of your marketing program. Principles send a clear message — EA is not based on the arbitrary whims of the architect.

2. Stakeholder Matrix

It's the first step of a marketing plan — identify your target audience. Develop a RACI matrix of your sponsors, key decision makers, partners, end users etc...

3. Value Proposition

The 5 or 6 ways your EA program adds tangible value to the organization.

4. Program Overview

A deck that gives a bird's eye view of your EA program. Include value statements and success stories.

5. Sound Bites

Drill your message until people remember it. Develop elevator pitches for important aspects of EA and use them whenever possible.

6. Communication Plan

Outline your regular meetings, reports, publications and events.

7. Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter can help you organize your thoughts regarding a vital question — what you have achieved recently? It has value even if no one reads it.

8. Web Presence

A information rich intranet presence can do wonders. Track and publish usage statistics.

9. Training Sessions

Give EA overviews to new hires and anyone else willing to listen.

10. Metrics

Publish metrics (when your EA program reaches the appropriate level of maturity). Visually appealing dashboards such as a heat maps work well.

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