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How to get Ahead in Enterprise Architecture by Drawing Boxes

        posted by , June 25, 2011

Last week I spoke with the chief architect of a large international retail bank. This bank was able to reduce their application map from 160+ systems down to 5.

How (you may ask)? The answer is simple — by drawing boxes around them.

bank architecture

Is it meaningless?

The answer is no. By grouping the 160+ legacy applications into 5 platforms the enterprise architect has created a classification system for bank applications.

Based on the classification a roadmap can be set to:

- establish platform service contracts
- standardize the platforms
- establish metrics and SLAs at the platform level
- retire legacy applications and consolidate technologies
- engage in continual improvement of platform services
- reduce costs and technology complexity
- streamline user interfaces
- improve master data management
- standardize, optimize and automate processes
- improve security
- simplify deployment to geographically distributed centers

In the end it all comes down to execution. If the classification makes sense and you can deliver to a platform roadmap the payback could be significant.

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