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How to Simplify Your Enterprise Architecture in 10 Easy Steps

        posted by , June 23, 2011

The brief history of IT architecture is the story of encapsulation. Whether it is enterprise, application or technology architecture — it is all about reducing the complex to the simple.

These 10 common Enterprise Architecture patterns hide implementation details behind contracts — transforming a complex enterprise to a simple collection of boxes.

enterprise architecture patterns

1. The Cloud

Infrastructure is a complex jumble of technology that can thought of as a cloud that provides a number of services.

The performance of cloud services can be measured with metrics and guaranteed with SLAs.

2. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

SOA is a excellent way to build a set of enterprise level services that hide implementation complexity.

3. Data Warehouse (DW)

Hides the complexity of data integration for decision support (exposed via a enterprise data dictionary).

4. Operational Data Store (ODS)

Hides the complexity of data integration for operations.

5. ESB

ESB simplifies messaging with a publish-subscribe model.

6. ERP

Provides a unified application / data model that hides the complexity of integration with legacy applications.

7. Portal

Provides a single point of access for enterprise services.

8. Unified Communications

Single tool for communications and collaboration.

9. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

A single repository of content and documents.

10. Dashboard

A snapshot view of enterprise metrics.

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