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How to Win at Cloud

        posted by , December 20, 2012

Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.
~ Bobby Knight
If you accept the idea that cloud computing is more than a trend ... that it's more of a revolution than it's important to win at cloud.

The stakes are high ... it will mean the difference between business failure and success for many firms.

But how to win?

Which cloud strategies will fail and which will succeed? Once you have a winning strategy what does it take to execute it?

If you have any of these questions ... this 12-part series of posts will help.

Understand Cloud, Cut Through the Hype

1. Cloud Computing Cheat Sheet
2. The 26 Features of Cloud
3. 7 Cloud Myths That Are Only Half True

Evaluate the Impact of Cloud

4. How Cloud Created a New Generation of Legacy Systems
5. Why Cloud is After Your Job

Private vs Public vs Hybrid Cloud

6. Difference Between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
7. 9 Reasons to go Private Cloud
8. 7 Reasons to go Public Cloud
9. Why Hybrid Cloud is Inevitable

Prepare for Cloud

10. How to Quit Worrying About Cloud and Start Preparing
11. 5 Ways To Make Your Architecture Cloud Ready

Measure Cloud

12. 20 Easy to Use Cloud Metrics

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