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Information Security Management in 90 Seconds

        posted by , February 12, 2011

Information Security Management (ISM) is an increasingly important part of corporate governance. In fact, most large companies are now legally required to report their information security status to shareholders (ie. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 etc..).

What is Information Security?

Information Security ensures data confidentiality, control, integrity, authenticity, availability and utility.

information security management


Restricting access to data. Example: new product designs should be hidden from competitors.


Possession of data. Example: loss of a corporate laptop — if the hard drive is encrypted confidentiality has been maintained but control has been lost.


Data correctness. Example: banks must calculate and store account balances correctly.


Confirming the source of data. Example: is an email really from the company CEO?


Timely access to data. Example: necessary information must be available to staff to do their jobs (denial of service attacks seek to disrupt data availability).


Data must be in a useful format. Example: encrypted data is secure but not usable.

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