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Internet of Things Explained

        posted by , November 23, 2011

We usually think of the internet as something we use with a computer, mobile device or game system.

Internet of Things is different — it's about interfacing everyday things with the internet. Cars, snowboards, chairs, bottles of water — any object can potentially be linked in to the internet.

Advertising Example

You buy a bottle of water. The bottle displays advertising to you as a hologram in the water. The advertising is based on data about you that's been collected by search engines and social media sites.

Product Example

You drive a car. The car adjusts the seat based on your preferences (stored in the cloud).

The road itself is connected to the internet. The road provides safety data to the car (e.g. how slippery is the road?).

internet of things safety applications

Logistics Example

A climate control container filled with lettuce is on a truck. The truck gets stuck in a traffic jam. The container relays the delay to the ERP system and is instructed to lower its temperature to ensure the lettuce stays fresh.

internet of things containers

Technology Drivers

Inexpensive, small, low power CPUs and devices are making the Internet of Things a reality.

Highly parallel cloud computing infrastructure enables the processing of trillions of events from the Internet of Things (ubiquitous devices).

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