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Is Your Architecture Like a Good Movie?

        posted by , December 23, 2011

Enterprise Architecture is the last thing that should be boring. It's your high level plan for the evolution of your organization's technology. Collectively the enterprise architectures of the world represent the technical evolution of society. What's boring about that?

Believe it or not, some organizations manage to make architecture boring. Architecture should be like a good movie:

Character Development

It's not just the plot that makes a movie great. It's the people.

You can try to make architecture all about technology but it won't work. It's also about the people. Enterprise Architects need to be politically adept. Architecture always reflects the politics of your organization. It's not ideal but it is reality.

The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys

Your architectural recommendations should always be contrasted with the wrong way (e.g. anti-patterns). Even better, show that your headed in a better direction than your competitors. It's more fun to be the good guys.

Sex Appeal

Enterprise Architecture requires buy-in and support from a wide audience. It needs to be marketed. You need slogans, sound bites, great writing and effective presentations.

Leave Them Wanting More

It's a mistake to try to solve all your organization's problems in one presentation or one document. You don't need to solve all your master data issues, mitigate all your security exposures, align your IT strategy with business and solve your IT efficiency issues all in one day.

Solve architectural problems well — focusing on quality over quantity. You'll have them knocking at your door to tackle bigger challenges.

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