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Lean Forward And Participate Enterprise Architecture

        posted by , November 19, 2011

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.
~ Groucho Marx

Is your enterprise architecture program like Television or Internet?

Internet is a lean forward and participate medium. Television is a lean back and watch medium.

Have you ever seen a television show about enterprise architecture? Me neither. It simply doesn't work in lean back and watch mode.

The more stakeholders who have a active role in defining, marketing and implementing your enterprise architecture — the more successful it will be.

Tap into your army of solution architects

Architects like seeing the bigger picture.

Solution architects as a group tend to be interested in enterprise architecture. They jump at a chance to participate.

When you set up architecture working groups — you will have no shortage of membership applications.

Tap into management competition

IT executives, directors and managers tend to be competitive with peers at the same level. Line managers are competitive with line managers, directors are competitive with directors etc...

When you set up architecture councils that make binding architectural decisions — you will have no shortage of membership applications.

Wait — isn't this giving up all my power as an EA team?

It's better to manage an enterprise architecture that's relevant than to have complete control over one that's not.

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