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Mashups Explained in Plain English

        posted by , November 24, 2011

Mashups allow you to pull media, text and scripts into your webpages.

How do I use a mashup?

Most mashups involve putting a few lines of text (script) into a webpage. Generally you don't need programming skills to work with mashups.

Is it really that easy to use a mashup?

Depending on your requirements you have to parse the results of the mashup to transform the data or put it into a database.

Is there a security risk to using a mashup?

Yes, mashups often involve inserting foreign scripts into your website. This can allow the publisher of the script to hijack your webpages. It's important that you trust the source of the scripts. Always validate that scripts are safe before using them.

What's the purpose of mashups?

Mashups allow you to combine data from multiple sources to create new services and webpages.


This page has inserted a few lines of JavaScript from Google Charts to create this nice graph:

What are the technical details?

Check out our article that covers some of the architectural details of mashups.

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