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Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who Has the Most Advanced Enterprise Architecture of Them All

        posted by , November 24, 2011

Imagine (if you will) that you could say the following about your Enterprise Architecture:

you've revolutionized the data center with energy efficient designs

you can sort 1 pb (1000 terabytes) of data in six hours and replicate the results on 48,000 disks

you have no legacy technology issues

you've designed you own best of class cloud platform and all your core applications are built on it

you eat your own dog food and reuse applications (you don't have 10 apps that do the same thing)

you've build all this on your own intellectual property and a handful of low level third party technologies (e.g. linux, java)

you build rather than buy because you have competitive advantage over virtually all vendors in multiple markets

you're architecture is the gold standard for cloud, SaaS, search, analytics and mobile web

you have a culture of building and reusing APIs

you successfully deploy major releases with little QA because you reuse solid APIs

Google doesn't have to imagine. All the above statements are true of Google Enterprise Architecture.


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