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Sell Enterprise Architecture to the Right People

        posted by , April 10, 2011

Enterprise Architects are the city planners of IT — laying down common services and regulating the builders (solution teams).

City Planners

City planners oversee development of common services such as transportation and regulate private development projects.

Effective city planning has long term benefits:

- stimulating economic activity
- improving quality of life and safety
- increasing property values
- encouraging cultural activity
- preserving historical sites
- improving the environment

In the short term — the regulations imposed by city planners are expensive and cumbersome for developers and builders. These groups often lobby city governments for exceptions to building codes. Most of these groups would like to see city planning abolished altogether.

City planning is supported by enlightened city governments and citizens — but is never going to be popular with developers and builders.

The Lesson for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architecture is never going to be popular with the builders — solution teams and IT managers.

Solution teams and IT managers face short term pressure to deliver and view IT governance as overhead. Furthermore, solution architects want to do their own thing and resent interference in their architecture.

Enterprise Architects should focus their sales activities on executives and user communities.

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