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System Application Map

        posted by , July 04, 2011

The System Application Map illustrates your system landscape (by business capability and department). Consider the following example (telecom industry)*:

system application map
*example uses the names of Greek gods in place of system names


The example breaks down applications by level 1 business capability and department. It is also common to break out the map by:

- level 2 business capability / department
- level 1 business capability / location
- level 1 business capability / product


It is common to create audience-targeted views of the System Application Map. For example, focusing on the level 2 business capabilities for one department.

For this reason, it is difficult to maintain the System Application Map as a Microsoft Visio diagram. Ideally, a enterprise architecture software tool is used that allows views to be generated on the fly.


The System Application Map is of interest to virtually everyone in the organization. Uses include:

- executive decision support
- project planning
- solution architecture
- support documentation
- training and onboarding

Drill Down

It is common to link the boxes in the application map to drill down views. This can include:

- level 2 / level 3 System Application Map
- project descriptions
- system/application roadmap documentation

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