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Technology Definitions

        posted by , November 10, 2012

Technology doesn't have to be complex. The following guides break technology into nice bit-sized chunks.

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As with any emerging field, the definition of big data is always in flex.

IT Event Correlation And Analysis (ECA) automates or optimizes the process of identifying the root cause of an incident. They also improve operational efficiency by allowing staff to filter infrastructure events to quickly find events that require action.

Learn about the most complex software of all — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Learn about software is driving business optimization in about 90 seconds.

The year 2004 was an important milestone in the history of technology. For the first time consumers (collectively) owned more processors (computers) than industry or government.

Chances are you've used several context aware applications today.

Internet of Things is about interfacing everyday things with the internet.

Mashups allow you to pull media, text and scripts into your webpages.

A new breed of BI vendor has emerged and taken a big chunk of the BI market: BI discovery tools. The key message coming from these vendors is clear — business users can deploy and manage BI tools without help from IT.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools offer a solution — enterprise management of heterogeneous mobile devices.

Web Content Management Systems(WCM) allow business users to directly create website content.

Back-to-basics ITIL definitions that may serve as a useful executive overview.

The 3 things you need to know to cut through the big data hype.

An executive overview of Hadoop for the enterprise.

End Point Protection Platforms (EPP) are enterprise security platforms that protect PCs, mobile devices and server environments from malware, spyware, rootkits, trojans and worms.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are large systems that solve a wide range of business problems.

Despite best efforts — it's simply ineffective to display data on a two dimensional static page.

Continuous Controls Monitoring for Transactions (CCM-T) is a governance, risk and compliance technology. There are 4 typical functions of a CCM system.

The exciting world of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Social Media Monitoring tools (and services) extract data from social media websites and provide social analytics.

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