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The 4 Contenders to be Your Next CIO

        posted by , March 11, 2013

When your organization looks internally for a new CIO there are four usual suspects:

1. IT Directors

IT Directors are the most likely internal candidates for the CIO position. Usually, it's the director who has staked out the most IT real estate who gets the job.

2. Chief Architect or Enterprise Architect

The Chief Architect has a reasonable shot at the title. Especially in cases where he/she has become a trusted advisor of the incumbent CIO and/or the CEO.

3. Other CxO

Often other CxO aren't that interested in the CIO role.

The CIO is perhaps the most thankless and challenging of the CxO positions. For example, CIOs are by far the most likely CxO to be fired.

Some CxO change positions frequently in preparation for the CEO role (an ideal CEO candidate has been head of sales, CFO, COO and CIO).

4. Business Directors

High profile directors in business operations sometimes have their eye on the CIO role.

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