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The 5 Levels of Enterprise Integration

        posted by , June 27, 2016

Enterprise Integration has traditionally focused on moving data from one database to another.

Recent technology trends have challenged this approach. The trends driving new enterprise integration approaches include:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Mashups (web content aggregation)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Map Reduce and other distributed (cloud) databases that allow you to put all your data in one place

There are five common levels of integration. Each level up (often) represents an efficiency improvement. The days of data islands and database centric integration are limited.

The 5 Levels of Enterprise Integration

The five levels of Enterprise Integration are:

enterprise integration

1. Business Process Integration
Integration at the process level. This might be accomplished with a ERP API, workflow tool, etc.

2. Web Content Integration
Allows users to accomplish tasks across multiple islands of information using a single web tool. This can be accomplished with mashups or portals.

3. Automation Integration
Integration at a sub-process level.

4. Service Integration
Services that CRUD data and/or automate work. This is often accomplished with SOA design principles.

5. Database Integration
Copying data from one database to another. This approach is overused. It's often more efficient to integrate at a higher level.

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