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The 7 Levels of Enterprise Social Media Bliss

        posted by , December 13, 2011

When you get there you'll know it. Social media is about to transform your architecture and your business.

Social media is an architectural force that's transforming industries. Much like the internet in 1994, it's not optional. It's simply how business will be done in the future.

There are 7 levels of social media maturity for the enterprise:

1. Awakening

Many business leaders still see social media as an amusing toy that has no material impact to their business.

Every organization goes through an aha moment when executive management comes to the realization — social media is going to impact them whether they like it or not.

2. Presence

The first foray into social media is usually by the marketing or corporate communications departments. This is often limited to hiring an intern to throw up a few pages on facebook, twitter and google+.

3. Engagement

Most organizations quickly realize that hiring interns to manage their social media presence isn't going to cut it.

Social media isn't about one way messages from the marketing team to the world. It's about engagement. Key employees throughout the organization need to be empowered (and incentivized) to represent the company.

4. Measurement

Deployment of social media monitoring tools and social media analytics.

The first step is usually an executive dashboard that keeps a pulse on social media marketing metrics.

The second step is usually to feed this data into business processes and enterprise applications.

5. Social Enterprise Software

The extension of enterprise class software with social media capabilities represents a powerful architectural concept that solves business problems.

Most CRM vendors already have social media capabilities built into their core products. ERP and other enterprise software markets aren't far behind.

6. Social Media Driven Processes

Social Enterprise Software can be used to collaborate and drive enterprise processes. Solving problems such as:

how do I continually improve a complex geographically distributed process that involves many participants.

how do I consolidate processes across regions?

how do I outsource my processes and maintain quality?

how do I keep my customers happy?

how do I keep my employees engaged and productive?

7. Extended Enterprise

The key benefit of social media tools is closer relationships with customers, employees and partners.

The impact? Social media is driving entire industries towards a new organizational paradigm — the extended enterprise.

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