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The 7 Styles of Enterprise Architecture Governance

        posted by , June 02, 2011

There are 7 common models of EA governance. The difference centers around one question: who has decision making authority?

1. Chiefdom

The chief architect has strong decision making authority — supported by a hierarchy of enterprise architects.

2. IT Monarchy

A council of IT executives calls all the shots.

3. Business Monarchy

Senior business leaders (possibly Cx0 level) make the decisions.

4. Duopoly

A mix of business and IT executives exercise authority.

5. Democracy

IT and business groups nominate representatives (often silo architects) to sit on a voting architecture council.

6. Communism

A team of administrators has decision making authority (usually limited to standards compliance).

7. Anarchy

No one has clear authority — they just fight it out.

What is the best approach?

The best approach depends on the nature of the organization:
a chiefdom works well when you have a brilliant chief architect who has the authority to drive change.
a democracy works well when you have feuding IT and business groups or lack strong executive leadership.
a Duopoly can help strengthen business-IT alignment.

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What style of EA governance does your organization have??
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   IT Monarchy
   Business Monarchy
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