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The 9 Principles Of Soa Design

        posted by , June 30, 2016

Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is as simple as can be. There are 9 design principles to keep in mind when designing a SOA service:

1. Standardized Service Contract
Services adhere to a service-description.


2. Loose Coupling
Services minimize dependencies on each other.


3. Service Abstraction
Services hide the logic they encapsulate from the outside world.


4. Service Reusability
Logic is divided into services with the intent of maximizing reuse.


5. Service Autonomy
Services should have control over the logic they encapsulate.


6. Service Statelessness
Ideally, services should be stateless.

7. Service Discoverability
Services can be discovered (usually in a service registry).


8. Service Composability
Services break big problems into little problems.


9. Service Interoperability
Services should use standards that allow diverse subscribers to use the service. This is considered so obvious these days that it is often dropped as a principle.


These 9 principles are summarized in this handy reference chart:


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