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The 9 Secrets Of Successful Enterprise Architecture

        posted by , February 11, 2011

A few rules of thumb for succeeding with enterprise architecture.

1. Clear Vision
Establish a clear, simple vision. Stick to the vision and advertise it well. Tie everything you do back to the vision.

2. Keep it Lean
Enterprise Architecture should be a small team of highly focused technology gurus. No organization needs an army of Enterprise Architects.

3. Measurable Objectives
Track enterprise metrics for things like operating efficiency, IT costs and customer satisfaction. Tie the vision and all initiatives to these metrics.

4. Governance
Align projects and operations with the Enterprise Architecture. This is easier said than done and requires strong support from top management. For governance to succeed, it is critical to form strong relationships with solution architects and key decision makers.

5. Stay Consistent
If the Enterprise Architecture is inconsistent all is lost. Architectural artifacts should be consistent with each other and it should be clear how each ties back with the vision.

6. Stick to Enterprise Architecture
All too often Enterprise Architects get pulled into the low level details of key projects. Successful Enterprise Architects understand the scope of EA and stick to it.

7. Its all about Style
Early on, EA templates and style guides should be established. Enterprise Architecture is all about visual communication and an effective style is key to success.

8. Quick wins
Enterprise Architecture is inherently a long term activity. However, it is important to show progress and value on a quarterly basis. Fight the perception that EA is a endless process that is impossible to tie to quarterly results.

9. Now is everything
A Enterprise Architect should understand the day-to-day challenges facing key executives such as the CEO and CIO. This means keeping a pulse on key projects, initiatives and metrics. Fight the perception that Enterprise Architecture is a dreamy activity out of touch with daily business pressures.

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