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The Big List of Information Security Threats

        posted by , June 27, 2016

The first step in any information security threat assessment is to brainstorm a list of threats. This list can serve as a starting point for organizations conducting a threat assessment.

Nature and Accidents

1. Earthquakes
2. Landslides
3. Volcanoes
4. Fires
5. Storms and floods
6. Transportation accidents (car, aviation etc..)
7. Hazardous materials related events
8. Solar flares

Current and Past Employees

1. Human error
2. Sabotage
3. Tampering
4. Vandalism
5. Theft
6. Unions, strikes and labour actions
7. Pandemics and disease
8. Insider trading
9. Fraud
10. Liability for employee actions
11. Scandals
12. Corporate crime
13. Discriminatory abuse
14. Workplace bullying
15. Sexual harassment
16. Professional misconduct
17. Negligence
18. Passive–aggressive behaviour
19. Workplace revenge
20. Insurance fraud
21. Lawsuits against employer


1. Industrial espionage
2. Intellectual property theft
3. Copyright infringement
4. Mudslinging
5. Illegal infiltration
6. Dirty tricks
7. Patent infringement
8. Competitive research
9. Price surveillance


1. Seeking confidential data as evidence

The Press

1. Bad publicity
2. Exposing trade secrets
3. Exposing strategy and new products


1. IP Spoofing
2. Social engineering
3. Man-in-the-middle spoofing
4. DNS Poisoning
5. Trojan
6. Cracks
7. Worms
8. Viruses
9. Eavesdropping
10. Spam
11. Phishing
12. Spyware
13. Malware
14. Password Cracking
15. Network sniffing
16. Back door/trap door
17. Tunnelling
18. Website defacement
19. TCP/IP hijacking
20. Replay Attacks
21. System tampering
22. System penetration


1. Kidnapping
2. Bribery
3. Extortion
4. Fraud
5. Theft
6. Physical infrastructure attacks
7. Information blackmail
8. Assault
9. Sale of stolen information
10. Cyberstalking

Governments, Terrorists and Political Organizations

1. Acts of war (conventional)
2. Nuclear war
3. Biological warfare
4. Chemical warfare
5. Computer warfare (including physical disruption of communication satellites etc..)
6. Espionage
7. Terrorism
8. Cyberwarfare
9. Electromagnetic weapons
10. Wiretapping

This list is by no means complete — new threats arise every day.

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