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The Unstoppable Army Of IT Yes Men

        posted by , December 02, 2012

Ask anyone in IT: the business is the customer — and the customer is always right!

There is something wrong with this model — customers have few responsibilities. They submit their orders and pay their bills ... beyond that you can't expect much from a customer.

Just Face It — Your Business is Lazy

Ask yourself a few questions about your business:

1. Does the business publish goals and strategy and clearly communicate direction to IT?
2. Do executives understand the impact of their IT decisions?
3. Do business stakeholders provide diligent requirements?
4. Does the business provide feedback to published IT strategy and roadmaps?

The Problem

Organizations often view business as revenue and IT as cost. Business focus is on quarterly revenue. In other words, business is given few incentives to collaborate with IT.

The Solution

Organizations struggling with a lack of business-IT alignment often tweak the organizational chart. Few have taken the big jump: a completely integrated IT and business organization. This is an opportunity.

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