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Web Content Management Explained

        posted by , September 19, 2012

Web Content Management Systems(WCM) allow business users to directly create website content.

A robust Web Content Management allows includes document management, version control, workflow, collaboration tools, search, analytics and administration tools.

Web Publishing

A WCM allows users to create webpages without help from a web designer or programmer. This often includes the ability to create dynamic pages with questionnaires, surveys etc.

Look and feel of pages can be controlled by applying themes.

Document Management

WCM often have document management features that allow users to collaboratively share and publish documents.

Collaborative Editing

Many WCM have version control and collaboration tools that allow users to collaboratively edit documents and web content.

WCM version control may also provide an audit trail and historical archive of content.


WCM may provide workflow tools to manage content and documents. One common use of WCM workflow is to approve web content before it's published.

Collaboration Tools

Most WCM also allow collaboration tools to be added to websites. This may include wikis, forums, chat, unified communication features, virtual white boards etc.


WCM may provide search engines that can search documents, web content and metadata.


WCM may provide web analytics tools that generate detailed statistics about the visitors to websites.

Administration Tools

WCM tools provide admin tools that allow users to self manage websites and document repositories.

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