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What's Advanced Data Visualization (ADV)?

        posted by , January 20, 2012

In the 2nd century AD the world was still flat (or at least almost everyone thought it was). It didn't much matter to anyone because the technology didn't exist to circumnavigate the global anyway.

In many ways, the world of business is still flat. Decisions are made using 2D graphs and charts stuffed into 2D powerpoint decks. This was all fine before big data and analytical capabilities came along. IT systems have evolved to the point that massive amounts of data can be collected, processes and analyzed.

People have tried all kinds of things to fit all that data on a two dimensional static page. Blinding color schemes and 200 page powerpoint decks come to mind. Despite best efforts — it's simply ineffective to display data on a two dimensional static page.

Advanced Data Visualization (ADV) are tools that display data on multiple dynamic planes (multidimensional views). There are several defining features of ADV tools:

1. Interactive data visualization

A move away from static documents — data views that are navigable. User interaction dynamically reconfigures views and queries data.

2. Multiple dimension views

The term multiple dimension view conjures up images of cheesy 3d bar charts. ADV offers true multidimensional visualization — the ability to browse multiple planes of data.

3. Animation

ADV visualizations are animated — allowing more information to be displayed within the available display space.

4. Auto focus

Intelligent visualization highlights data that's likely to be of interest.


ADV tools also have the features you'd expect of enterprise software such as role based security, audit trail and integration hooks.

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