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What is Social Media Monitoring (SMM)?

        posted by , December 23, 2011

Social Media Monitoring tools (and services) extract data from social media websites and provide social analytics.


Social Media Monitoring tools monitor social media conversations and relationships. They allow organizations to target social information about competitors, brands, products, customers, partners, employees, events, political topics, etc. Common functionality includes:

ability to define target information (topic, language, location, demographics, etc.)

social media mining (data extraction)

data aggregation (combining social data from multiple sources with other information such as location and demographics)

ranking of data (what's a significant conversation and what's noise?)

sentiment analysis

identification of influencers

social metrics (key success indicators)


social analytics

filters and queries

historical social data

integration with enterprise applications and services

alerts, escalations and workflows

Business Value

Organizations use Social Media Monitoring tools to drive business processes and decision support. Common applications include:

brand management and marketing

competitive intelligence

product development


customer relationship management

partner relationship management

reputational risk management

human resources (employee monitoring, recruiting, etc.)


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